What is Renewal By Grace?

Renewal By Grace is a series of devotional lessons designed for the wives of men who have been enslaved to sexual impurity, which includes visual infidelity (pornography) and/or physical infidelity. You may be hurting, yet ready to seek help for your marriage, whether your husband’s activities are newly-discovered or a long-term battle. This is a Christ-centered ministry designed to walk with you down a difficult path that can lead to victory over your pain. We pray that you will find renewal, healing, and hope through the stories of real wives who have experienced many of the same thoughts and feelings as you. A prayer partner will be assigned to be there for you, reading your responses and giving feedback.

There are 100 short lessons divided into four levels. Through a wide variety of topics, several wives share their stories, struggles, and situations. Read a lesson per day or move through at your own pace. Please join us as we offer a private place to find peace and understanding. Our course is for married women only.

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Course List

Level I – Toehold
Finding support in your climb out of despair and discouragement toward safety in Christ.
Level II - Stepping Stones
Achieving a stronger footing through the Word of God and the stories of wives like you, who have walked this path.
Level III - Stepping Forward
Accelerating to help you gain confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal, strengthen, and renew.
Level IV - Stepping Higher
Heading to the finish line victorious through the amazing power of our Savior Jesus Christ, giving you hope and a future.

Our Mission Statement

Giving glory to God, Renewal By Grace exists to provide biblical support and prayer partnership to hurting wives of husbands involved in sexual sin.

Statement of Faith

Renewal By Grace agrees with the Statement of Faith as adopted by the National Association of Evangelicals (https://www.nae.net/statement-of-faith)

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